Sweet Surrender

By True Sailor Io

(Authors Note: Warning, this fic contains graphic descriptions of sex and rape, do not read if offended by such things.)

            As the final bells rung throughout the school, Minako Aino finished lacing up her sneakers and stood up. Placing her school slippers inside her footlocker, the blonde haired girl quietly shut the door and turned to walk up the steps to exit the building. She adjusted the strap of her bag over her shoulder and nodded to a pair of girls she passed as she ascended the steps and walked down a short hall to the door outside.

            Taking a deep breath of fresh air, Minako sighed and looked ahead as she walked off the campus to the sidewalk. Normally, she’d be meeting up with Usagi, Ami, and Makoto on their way to meet with Rei at her temple, but today she had a more pressing engagement. The Red Star music company was releasing an album of never before heard song by Three Lights today, and she wanted to grab a copy before they sold out.

            Ordinarily, she’d have camped out outside the store and been there this morning, but her mother wouldn’t let her. She had placed a copy on reservation, but all it would take was the right amount of cash for some clerk to reach into the box and sell it to someone else.

            Moving at a quicker pace than normal, Minako reached the shop district in only a few minutes. She smiled to herself as she cut through an alley to get to the store and walked inside. She then exited a few minutes later with a small bag in hand. Grinning to herself, Minako slid the CD into her book bag. Once it was securely in the bag, the blonde haired girl looked down the sidewalk and decided to head for home and call Rei’s place from there. If anything important were happening, she’d head for the temple, but otherwise, she just felt like lying back and listening to some nice music.


            Blinking at the sudden sound, Minako looked down at her feet to see the remains of what might have been a toy egg and the pink jelly slime that was contained within. “Oh gross...” she muttered to herself as she tried to wipe the gunk off her shoe on the sidewalk. The sludge wouldn’t peel off and she wasn’t about to touch it with her bare hands.

            “Never a hanky around when you need one...” she said as she shrugged and began walking home, deciding to deal with it later. Unbeknownst to Minako as she walked down the path that would lead back to her house, the rest of the slime on the ground began to slither after her on its own.


            “Mom, I’m home!” Minako called out as she walked into the door of her house. When there was no reply, she kicked off her slimy shoes and headed into the kitchen where she found a note taped to the fridge along with a credit card.


            Your father and I have been called away on an emergency business trip to London. We shouldn’t be gone more than two weeks. The fridge is fully stocked and I’ve left one of our Credit Cards for any emergencies. No parties! Take care sweetie, and we’ll call you from the Airport when we arrive.

Love, Mom.

            Sighing to herself, Minako rumpled up the note and placed the credit card on the counter. Big surprise, her parents were almost never home when they WERE in town. “Artemis, are you here?” she called out.

            Several seconds later, the white furred cat padded down the steps and yawned, “I’m here.” he said aloud, already knowing his charges parents had left. Minako walked over to him and scooped him up into her arms. He purred softly when she began petting him while she went about setting some dishes on the table to make herself something to eat. Once there was some food on the stove, Minako set Artemis down and picked up the phone to call Rei’s temple. After a brief chat with the raven haired girl, she learned nothing was going on and wished her friends well before hanging up.

            “Minako, I’m gonna head out, Luna and I, we uh...” the white cat stammered.

            Minako giggled and waved him away, “Go on furball, just don’t be trying to sneak into my bed tonight with cold feet or I’ll toss you in the pool again.” she told him, remembering a previous night after one of his ‘dates’ with Luna. He’d come home some time before sunrise with cold mud caking his paws that quickly woke her up when he tried to snuggle into her bed.

            Artemis nodded and jumped out a window Minako had cracked open a few minutes ago after waving his tail in goodbye. The blonde sighed again and waited for her food to finish cooking, infinitely bored of her own loneliness.

            “Gods I need to get laid!” she grumbled to herself, then sighed, as if THAT would happen. Every time she got close to a guy he either got mixed up in some attack by the dark forces and left town, or turned out to BE said dark forces. Maybe Haruka and Michiru had the right idea after all...

            Minako shook her head from side to side vigorously, Easy now girl, she thought, a little too early to be switching to that team. The smell of hot spices and cooked meat brought her attention back to the meal she had on the stove. She may not be anywhere near as good as Makoto, but she could still make herself some edible food.

            After a hot meal, Minako stripped out of her school uniform and took a long hot shower to try and clear her head. She stepped out of her bathroom several minutes later wearing only a towel around her torso and head as she headed back into the living room to put her CD on the larger stereo.

            As the music filled the air, the blonde haired girl continued toweling herself off and watched as the sun began to set over the distant horizon. It wasn’t really that late yet, but she felt as though it should be past midnight.

            Minako flopped herself down onto the couch and began to consider giving herself a pedicure when she remembered her shoes. Grumbling to herself, she got back up to retrieve them in order to try and scrub off the gunk from earlier. When she got there though, she discovered that both her sneakers were clean of any slime or other street grime.

            “Huh...” she said as she cautiously felt along the leather of her shoes for any signs of the goo that was on them earlier. There was none.

            “Must’ve been some trick slime...” she said aloud as she set her shoes back down and went back into the living room. She listened to the rest of her CD before taking it out of the stereo and placing it back into its case. The blonde haired girl then headed up to her room to take care of her homework, wanting it out of the way so she could watch some TV guilt free. Before she could make it to the stairs though, every sense in her body went off and she ducked down to the floor a split second before a thick pink tendril slammed into the wall where her head had just been. The plaster and dry walls cracked from the impact and Minako turned to look at the source of the attack.

            She gasped at the sight of a pink gelatinous Deathbuster creature standing across the room. It was the same height as she, with a feminine figure and solid green orbs for eyes. It’s ‘hair’ for lack of a better term was a pair of flaps that extended from the back sides of its head to form a pair of wing-like tendrils. The Deathbuster drew her extended arm back, her body rippling like water with her motions. Minako cursed under her breath, about a year ago, after Dr. Tomoe’s lab was destroyed, she and the rest of the Senshi believed that all of the Deathbuster Seeds were destroyed, but they were proven wrong when one showed up out of nowhere to attack them then, seems this one had survived as well, maybe it was thrown clear of the blast and into the city, laying dormant until now.

            “Hmm, faster than I would have thought, this might be fun.” the creature said, her voice warbled strangely, as though she were speaking under water.

            “Not gonna be fun at all Nega-trash. You picked the wrong girls shoes to hitchhike on!” Minako said as she threw her arm out to her side, “Venus Crystal Power.... MAKE-UP!!!!” she called out. Line of orange and yellow light then began to stream around her body as the towels she wore suddenly disappeared and were replaced with the white and orange fuku of Sailor Venus.

            Venus stood up and struck a pose, “Bad move slimy, there’s a heavy penalty for busting up my house, I am Sailor Venus, and in the name of Venus, Goddess of Love, I’m gonna make you pay it!”

            Instead of showing surprise or fear at her transformation, the goo-youma girl smiled and licked her lips with a dark purple tongue. “Lovely...” she said with a coo. Her body then lost all shape and surged forth in a stream of slime that slammed Venus back into the wall before she could react. The force of the impact knocked the air from her lungs and she had to physically force herself not to breathe in, fearful of lungfulls of slime instead of much needed air.

            The pressure on her body soon lessened and Venus opened her eyes and took in a sweet lungfull of air, coughing hard for her effort as she worked to get enough oxygen to keep from passing out. She turned to look where her assailant had gotten off to and saw her across the room, standing in the hallway looking at her with leering eyes. She licked her lips again before losing form once more.

            The blonde haired Senshi was ready this time and leapt to her left to avoid the blast of slime as the youma dashed at her. The gelatinous creature slammed into the wall behind her and left a sizable dent in it. A good thing my folks won’t be back for a while, she thought, that’s gonna take a solid week to fix. She then moved to regain a solid footing and braced herself, calling up her powers of light and love, “Venus!” she intoned, holding a hand out to her side as a golden energy heart formed in her palm. Orange lipstick then painted her lips for a moment before she finished the spell, “Love and Beauty SHOCK!!!”

            The energy heart surged out toward her target, but the slime youma was more omni-morphic than she had thought as it simply formed a hole in its body to let the blast shoot straight through. The energy smashed against a cabinet that housed a few framed photos and instantly shattered it. There goes my allowance, she thought, thinking of what it would cost to reprint those pictures and buy new frames for them.

            “Can you hold still, I’d like to finish this fight and still have some house left?” Venus spat bitterly.

            “Mmmm, finishing this fight is exactly what I have in mind...” the slime youma purred before dropping to the floor and letting her form become a liquid again. Venus tried to think of what attack this creature might be trying now, but before she could contemplate it, the puddle of slime slithered along the carpet and came up under her feet. She tried to leap away, but too late as a number of tendrils whipped up from the puddle, ensnaring her arms and legs if a vise like grip.

            Venus struggled against the bonds as the goo began so ooze over her body slowly, spreading itself across the creamy skin of her legs while more still rose from the puddle to rub along her back in an almost embracing fashion. “Ugg, let me go!!! This is so gross!” she complained as the feeling of the slime began to make her feel disgusted. A watery vibrating laugh came in response as the youma reformed her upper torso at the end of a thick tendril and came up so stand next to Venus.

            “Mmm, but I’ve only just started with you.” she purred before leaning over to lick her cheek lewdly, “I have so much planned for you and your friends...” it said before molding itself over her crotch. The sensation of the slime pushing at the fabric covering her pussy doubled Venus’ struggles against the wraps of tendrils that held her. The creature only laughed at her attempts to free herself and began to alter her liquid makeup to become slightly acidic, melting through the bottom of the bodysuit that covered Venus’ cunt. The fabric quickly broke down and the youma returned to its natural PH as it began to tease the folds of her pussy.

            “No! Stop it!!” Venus screamed as she felt the slime rubbing against her pussy slowly, teasing her clit and lightly probing into her. She struggled to free her hands so she could summon one of her Crescent Beams, but the youma tightened its hold on her wrists as it formed a phallic shape with its mass and began to slowly ease it into her. The blonde haired girl screamed in protest, but to no avail as the youma began pushing itself into her.

            “Ah, a virgin, just as I thought, but don’t worry, this won’t hurt at all.” the youma said to her as it formed a series of tiny razors that extended out from the tip of the cock-like tendril and wormed their way farther up Venus’ snatch. The razors carefully cut away her hymen, removing it in such a way that they triggered no pain receptors in her pussy. The youma then smiled and leaned over to kiss Venus deeply as it shoved its cock into her, pushing all the way up to her cervix before pulling back slightly, then shoving forward again.

            Sailor Venus moaned in humiliation as she felt her virginity stolen away from her by this, thing. She then moaned in revulsion as the youma kissed her, its long tongue worming around inside her mouth. She tried to push it out with her own tongue, but with no success. In the back of her mind, Venus noticed that the monster had an odd taste to it, not a nasty nauseating flavor, but a sweet one that reminded her of bubblegum. She then tried to turn her head away from the kiss, but stopped and moaned as a massive jolt of pleasure erupted in her pelvis as the thing began fucking her hard. She clenched her eyes shut tight, trying to force her body not to enjoy this even as her pussy began to grow moist and hot.

            Smiling, the youma cooed into Venus’ ear as she pushed her slime cock in and out of the girls pussy while she molded more of her mass around the blondes’ pelvis, forming a deranged pair of panties that continually fucked her newly opened hole. The demon savor the sound of Venus’ ever more passionate moans as she struggled to keep herself from cumming. Already she could taste the sweet nectar of her juices and absorbed them into herself, feeding off of her. She then moved to kiss Venus again, finding less resistence this time as her tongue slid against hers.

            The slime youma then moved more of her mass over Venus’ body, forming a new pair of hands that began to knead and massage her plump soft breasts, “Mmm, nice and soft, and just the right size...” she said with a laugh.

            “Guh, let... me... uhhh... go... you perverted.... monster...” Venus said between moans as her body began to feel more and more good. Pleasure washed over her in ever growing waves, making her limbs feel weak and filling her with a desire to just let go. She shook her head again, trying to clear the thoughts from her mind as she pulled against the bindings on her arms. They gave no slack to her and held her fast as the youma began pumping into her even faster for her attempt to escape. Venus moaned loudly as she felt her cervix dilate and allow the thick cock up into her womb! Leaning her head back, Venus howled in pleasure as her first ever orgasm shot through her, blinding her sight for an instant as she began panting slightly, her legs going a bit slack against their bonds. “Noo, don’t... don’t do that...” she protested weakly.

            The youma laughed as she watched Venus cum and savored the surge of sweet juices that suddenly flowed forth. She quickly absorbed them and began to form a second cock in the mass that covered the girl’s pelvis and pushed it against her tiny little asshole.

            Venus’ blue eyes doubled in size as she felt the second cock. She immediately began shaking her head from side to side, “No, not there, please, not there, NOOOOO!!!!” she screamed as she felt the cock slide up her anus, pushing deep into her rectum. Her eyes then rolled into the back of her head as her body instantly orgasmed once, twice, three times as the second phallus began pumping in and out of her asshole. She moaned in pleasure as her entire body began to feel weak and all her struggles ceased.

            “Oh, what’s this, cumming so quickly from being fucked up your ass? You have an erogenous zone in a very interesting place...” the youma said as it began pumping into both her pussy and ass at the same time, driving Venus into throes of ecstasy and generating a near endless flood of her sweet juices. It leaned forward and kissed her again, finding no resistence at all as Venus kissed back slightly. She smiled against Venus’ lips and began to slowly alter her PH again to melt away the rest of her Fuku. She then pulled away slightly and watched as the girl writhed in pleasure as orgasm after orgasm rocked her young body. She pushed more of her mass into her holes, making phallic shaped lumps form in her stomach as she fucked her deeper than any human ever could.

            “Just relax... No need to fight. Doesn’t it feel good to just surrender yourself?” she asked with a smile.

            “N.. N... Uh... I... I’ve got to... Mmm... Feels... So nice to... Surrender...” Venus moaned slowly as repetitive orgasms shook her entire body, stripping away her will with every thrust into her body.

            The youma laughed darkly as she leaned in close, pulling away the remaining strips of her fuku that hadn’t yet been dissolved. She then embraced Venus, her mass sliding over the naked blondes body, kneading and groping her all over all at once. She then kissed her deeply, her tongue morphing into yet another cock and sliding in and out of her mouth. Venus gave no resistence and moaned around the cock in her mouth as she fell to her knees, her arms and legs were no longer bound, but she had no intention of fighting now, all she could think of was the pleasure she felt as she came again and again. She bounced her hips up and down slowly as though she were riding on top of someone. The youma picked up on her desire and timed the motion of her thrusts with the girl’s movements.

            Hours passed like minutes for Venus as she found herself on all fours and panting like a bitch in heat as the youma continued to pound its mass in and out of her ass and pussy. The creature now covered her entire body from the neck down, but had morphed itself to look as though it were kneeling behind her and fucking her doggie style.

            “Mmm, such delicious cum...” it cooed while a tentacle formed from the slime between Venus’ breasts and moved up to the girl’s mouth. Venus moaned like a whore and opened her mouth, accepting the cock that morphed at the end of the tentacle and sucking it like a woman possessed. She laughed and squeezed Venus’ breasts tightly before rippling the mass over her ass so that it snapped against her skin, spanking her hard. The blonde only moaned in ecstasy and moved one slime coated hand to rub the two lumps that bulged in her stomach that marked the massive cocks fucking her womb and ass.

            “Nn...mmm, go good.....” Venus moaned around the cock in her mouth as her body began to shimmer and glow for several seconds as her transformation reversed itself. Minako then continued to pant and moan as all three of her holes were fucked all at once.

            “That’s a good girl, no need to fight anymore, just, let yourself go...” the youma purred. Minako nodded and moaned around the cock in her mouth. Smiling, the youma pulled her tentacle from the girls’ mouth and said, “That’s it, now, swear yourself you me, swear all the holes of your body and soul to me.”

            “Uhh.... so good... I.. I swear my holes to you, all the holes in my body and soul are yours to fill mistress....” Minako moaned, and as she did, the Sign of Venus began to glow on her forehead for an instant, flaring brightly before it shattered suddenly and vanished without a trace.

            The youma laughed and pushed a new tentacle cock into Minako’s willing mouth while it doubled the speed of its thrusts into her ass and cunt, making her new slave moaned like the whore she was now. “Yesss.... all mine now. All mine....”

~To be continued~

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