Sweet Surrender 2

by True Sailor Io

(Authors Note: This fanfic contains graphic descriptions of sex and rape, do not read if offended by such. For my more avid readers, this is a short series, no serious plot in this, just sex. This project is a distraction for me while I wait for Chaosbringer to make repairs to his computer and allow us to return to work on Transitions)

            Minako Aino had once been you all around average girl, with a minor super heroine secret. She had friends and family all whom she loved very deeply and would have done anything for. Now though, the girl who had been a friendly, quasi-ditzy, and fun loving individual was gone, and in her place was now a moaning and whimpering whore who wished only to serve her mistress.

            The blonde haired girl hung suspended from the ceiling of the living room in her Suburban Tokyo home. No clothing adorned her slime covered body as she moaned in ecstasy while her mistress continually fucked her ass and pussy with massive cocks formed out of her gelatinous body. A trickle of drool ran down Minako’s chin as she hung there, suspended three feet from the carpeted floor by ropes of goo around her arms and legs that held her to the ceiling.

            At first glance, it appeared that Minako was wearing some kind of kinky see through bikini that covered her breasts and pelvis. But when one looked closer, they would see that the substance covering her body was a living, undulating mass of pink slime that was thrusting in and out of her holes. Two large lumps rose and fell in her stomach as the gigantic cocks pumped in and out of her pussy and anus, driving Minako to new heights of pleasure as she leaded her head back, her long hair touching the floor lightly as she howled like a bitch in heat as another orgasm rocketed her body.

            As her pussy gushed with her juices, the youma that covered her body rapidly absorbed them, feeding off her sexual excretions and using them to increase its own mass.

            “Oh... mistress... feels so.... so good... Please, fuck your sluts ass and pussy more!” Minako pleaded between pants and moans. After more than seven hours of endless copulation, all of Minako’s sense of self had slowly worn away. She now referred to herself as her mistress’ slut, having sworn her body and all its holes to the youma along with her soul. Indeed all Minako could think of was how to best satisfy her mistress and all of her whims.

            In response to Minako’s plea, the pool of goo above her began to morph, extending downwards in a long thick tendril that soon morphed into the upper torso of her mistress. The youma smiled at Minako and continued to pumps its two cocks in her lower holes as it moved to lay atop her chest, its breasts merging with the slime that covered Minako’s and rubbing against them as a lover might do. The blonde moaned sharply as she felt her nipples being pinched and teased inside the slime that covered her breasts while her mistress moved to kiss her lips passionately.

            Cooing softly, Minako kissed back, loving the taste of bubblegum that came from her mistress’ tongue as it wormed around inside her mouth. The youma then moved a hand to caress Minako’s cheek, her fingers leaving a trail of goo behind that oozed down her skin and joined with the mass coving the rest of her body.

            “Mmmm, I will my lovely little whore, but first, you must do something for me.” it said to her.

            “Unnnn.... anything mistress, your slut will do anything you ask of her....” Minako moaned as she spread her legs wide as the youma moved more of itself down between her legs and morphed a lower torso that began pumping its hips into her crotch in time with the thrusting cock, mimicking the appearance of a lover fucking her hard. The blonde moaned in pleasure as her body swung back and forth in her bindings while her mistress moved her hands down to the slime over her breasts and merged them with it. She moaned again as the goo that covered her medium sized tits began kneading them all over, as though she were being groped by dozens of hands all at once.

            “Ah, good, first, I want you to take me to your friends one by one and help me to break their wills as I have yours. I want all of the senshi to become my willing slaves!” the youma explained to her.

            Minako only nodded, “Yes, mistress’ slut will help her capture sluts friends and turn them into whores like sluts self...” she moaned and then screamed as the youma laughed and began pounding into her faster than before. “Ahhh, slut feels so good!!!” Minako screamed before the youma pulled one hand away from her slime covered tits and morphed it into another pink cock with a purple head. She then forced it into Minako’s mouth, watching as she willingly sucked it like the whore she was.

            “Ahh, such a good slut....” the youma purred as she watched Minako suck the cock in her mouth while she continued thrusting the two cocks in and out of her little ass and cunt. The creature savored the blank look of pleasure in Minako’s blue eyes as she groaned around the cock in her mouth.

            “Minako...?” said a small voice from the side of the room.

            The blonde didn’t bother to look in the direction of the voice, but the youma did, and she glared at the sight of the white furred cat standing in the windowsill. “I was wondering when you’d show up.” it said with a venom laced tone.

            “LET HER GO!!!” Artemis hissed as he leapt from the windowsill, claws extended. He yeowled in rage as he made a beeline for the pair and leapt up at the youmas face. The slime youma only smiled and formed a thick tendril from her shoulder that lashed out and engulfed the charging lunar cat. Artemis didn’t even have a moment to cry out before his body was completely enveloped and fell to the floor. The white furred cats body clattered to the ground, encased in a pink shell that was shaped like an egg.

            “That should hold you until I find a proper use for you.” the youma said with a grin before using a pair of tendrils to lift up the encased cat and set him on a shelf. She then turned back to Minako who was still moaning around the cock in her mouth as she sucked it lewdly, not having noticed the exchange at all. “Now, who shall we go after first?” she asked with a laugh.


            BREEP BREEP BREEP BREEP.....

            The screeching noise of her alarm slowly dragged Usagi Tsukino from sleep as she opened her medium blue eyes and reached a hand over to slap the snooze bar. She missed the first try, and managed to hit Luna the second try, making the black furred cat hiss and grumble about the blondes laziness. Her third attempt hit home and the harsh beeping stopped.

            Usagi then sat up and yawned quietly, “Ugh, why do I have to get up so early, it’s Saturday...” she muttered.

            “Because you need to keep a proper pattern of sleep.” Luna said with a yawn of her own as she stood up on all fours and stretched. She then hopped down from the night stand where she’d slept and walked over to the door of Usagi’s room. The blonde had the house to herself for the weekend, as her parents had taken Shingo on a trip to northern Japan for some school function. She had managed to talk her parents into letting her stay behind with the promise that she wouldn’t have any parties or be alone in the house with Mamoru. They’d even called Ami and asked her to keep an eye on things just in case. Party poopers, she thought to herself.

            Sliding out of her bed, Usagi exited out of her room and picked up some towel from the hall closet before going to the bathroom for a shower. Once she had bathed and shaved her legs and pubic hairs, the blonde wrapped a towel around herself and walked back out into the hallway. Once there, she heard the soft beeping sound of her communicator, turning, she headed down stairs to where she’d left it on the couch and picked up the small watch with its Crescent Moon sigil and thumbed open the face to reveal a tiny two way screen and transceiver. On the screen, Minako’s flushed face appeared.

            “Minako-san, what’s wrong?” she asked.

            “U.. Usagi... I... Something’s happened to me, I need your help, can I come over?” the other blonde asked.

            Usagi blinked, “Yes, of course, you can come, what’s wrong?” she asked, knowing that if Minako was calling her over the communicator and not the phone that it was something serious.

            “It’s easier if I just show you, please, don’t tell the others, I... I don’t want them to see...” Minako said, sounding as though she were on the verge of tears.

            She nodded, “Okay, I won’t, are you alright Minako?”

            The girl wiped a tear from her eye and nodded, “I will be...” she told her before closing the channel. Usagi then closed her own communicator and looked up at Luna who stood at the top of the stairs.

            “What do you think it is?” she asked her feline friend.

            “I’m not sure, but it sounded serious, but why wouldn’t she want the others to know?” Luna responded.

            Usagi shrugged and placed her communicator on the coffee table before heading back up stairs to get some clothes on.


            Minako moaned and dropped her communicator to the floor as her mistress reinserted its massive cocks in her asshole and pussy. She’d pulled the slimy rods out of her when Minako had called Usagi to allow her to give the appearance of distress. The instant the cocks were gone from her, Minako felt so empty and instant began to cry with need.

            The youma smiled and began to fuck minako slowly as she moved to envelope the blonde entire naked body. She kissed her deeply once and then looked at her, “Now, do you remember the plan?” she asked.

            “Yes mistress, I will... unn... Get Usagi alone with the story you’ve given me, then we will.... ah... Take herrr......” Minako groaned at length as her belly slowly began to expand. The youma grinned as she began to morph her mass around the girls body, altering her texture and pigment to resemble the appearance of clothing. At the same time, she began forcing the remainder of her mass up the whimpering blonde asshole, flooding into her bowels and intestines. The youma also flooded a percentage of herself into Minako’s womb, but it only allowed her to expand so much without actually being pregnant, leaving only her ass.

            The end result left Minako wearing what looked like a large sundress and stockings over a very pregnant looking stomach. The blonde moaned as she felt the twin cocks sill inside her, but now so much bigger. She then got up off her hands and knees and stood on shaky legs.

            “Good slut, now, bring me to my next slave.” the youma spoke into her mind.

            Minako nodded and walked out the door of her home, heading out to the sidewalk and towards Usagi’s home.


            Usagi had just finished redoing her hair into her standard odango style when the doorbell rang. Jogging down the steps, she headed for the door and unlocked it before pulling it open to see Minako on the other side. She then gasped at the sight of her friend, “Minako, wha... What happened!?” she asked when she saw her expanded belly.

            The other blonde sobbed softly as she walked inside, “Close the door, please...” she pleaded. Usagi nodded and shut the door, relatching the locks. “I... I ran into a youma the other day on my way home. I managed to take it out easily, but not before it hit me with some kind of ray. And... when I woke up this morning, I was like this...” she explained with a sob.

            Usagi looked on her friend with a soft expression as she laid her hand over her stomach, she felt firm, like her own mother did while she was pregnant with Shingo. “Minako, I’m so sorry...” she said as she went to grab her transformation broach from her room, “I know why you came to me now.” she said, “I’ll give it a try, but we might need the others’ power as well to get that out of you...” she warned.

            Minako nodded and rubbed her hands over her swollen stomach.

            “Can you still transform?” Usagi asked.

            Minako shook her head, “No... sl.. I can’t change anymore...” She said, stumbling over her words.

            Nodding, Usagi opened her broach and stood up, “Moon Eternal.... MAKE-UP!!!” she called out. As her clothes dissolved and her body began shimmering, Minako smiled as the sundress over her body suddenly melted into a pink slime that lashed out in a long tendril that snatched away Usagi’s broach and encased it in a sphere of pink goo. The pigtailed blonde then fell to the floor, a number of pink ribbons draped around her naked body as Minako stood up and reached a hand under her swollen belly and began fingering her shaven pussy. She then moaned in pleasure as a flood of pink ooze began gushing out from her ass and pussy, splattering against the floor and pooling around her feet.

            “Minako, what!?” Usagi asked in shock before the pool of slime began to move, forming several tendrils that whipped up around Minako’s arms and legs, lifting her up off the floor while several more grabbed her own limbs.

            “Ohh..... so good!!!!” Minako moaned as her belly slowly returned to somewhat normal dimensions with the exception of two massive phallic shaped lumps in her stomach that bobbed up and down.

            Usagi struggled against the tendrils that held her arms and legs, “Let me go!” she yelled as the tendrils began pulling the glowing pink ribbons away from her naked body.

            “Mmmm, don’t fight Usagi-chan, it feels so good when you don’t fight...” Minako moaned softly. She then leaned her head back and let out a long groan of ecstasy as she began cumming again and again, “Ahhh, cumming... slut is cumming so much!!!”

            While Minako moaned in pleasure, Usagi watched in a mix of awe and horror as a humanoid torso rose up from the puddle of goop on the floor. The slime youma looked down at the entrapped blonde with lewd all green eyes and licked her lips with a long purple tongue. “So lovely....” it said with a smile as one thick tendril moved to envelope the girls pelvis in the same way that Minako’s was. Usagi renewed her struggles with greater fervor but to no avail as the youma merely wrapped more of her tendrils around her flailing limbs.

            “Uh, Luna!!!” Usagi called out, hoping the black furred cat had seen enough to know to call for help.

            “She can’t hear you girl,” the youma said before holding up a large egg shaped orb of hardened slime, Usagi gasped and felt tears filling her eyes as she saw her guardian and friend encased in the slime shell, curled up in a fetal position with an expression of great pain on her face. “She’s not dead, just, out of the way...” the youma told her before molding the slime around her pelvis into a pair of cocks that were smaller than the ones ravishing Minako’s body.

            As before, the youma painlessly cut away the girls virginity before slamming one thick cock into her pussy, making Usagi scream in shock and humiliation. Just like that, her virginity was gone. A single tear slid down her cheek at the loss as the youma began slowly fucking her cunt while tiny tendril played with her clit, sending bits of pleasure through her body that made her feel all the more ashamed.

            Across from her, Minako watched as Usagi was raped in front of her eyes. The sight only served to arouse her as the twin cocks in her lower holes ravaged her innards. The distention in her stomach slowly grew in height as her body became more and more accustomed to the massive insertion. The blonde groaned in utter ecstasy, continually watching as Usagi’s will was slowly worn away just as her own had been.

            After three hours, Usagi began moaning with the same whorish pleasure as Minako as she came again, and again, and again. The youma delighted in watching the two blonde writhing in ecstasy within her mass. After another hour, she withdrew her slimy cock from Usagi’s pussy, watching as the girl whimpered at the end of her pleasure.

            “Nice try.” the youma said as it looked into Usagi’s hate filled eyes.

            “I’ll...stop... you...” Usagi panted, out of breath from so much moaning.

            “I doubt that.” the youma said as she moved Minako over and positioned her head between Usagi’s spread legs, “Slut, pleasure your friend, make her cum as much as your heart desires.”

            “No... please, don’t make her do that, ahh haahhh...” Usagi pleaded before moaning softly as Minako began ravenously licking her pussy, sliding her tongue in and out of the blonde moist folds while nibbling on her clit gently. “Nooo.... Mi.. Mina.. Minako... stop it....” Usagi whimpered as she looked down into her friends blank eyes as she continued lapping away at her pussy, sending waves of pleasure through her body. The blonde shook her head side to side, trying to fight off the pleasure her body felt. No, I... I must fight this.... Usagi thought to herself even as she felt her body starting to cum again from the wonderful feeling of Minako’s tongue. She then gasped and groaned in pleasure as she felt a new cock pushing into her asshole, sliding up inside her with no pain at all, only a numbing pleasure and made her cum almost instantly.

            “Ahh... your pussy juice tastes so good Usagi, slut likes it very much....” Minako moaned happily as she continued licking her friends cunt, wanting to make her cum again so that she’d feel another warm rush of juices washing over her face. She then groaned in pleasure as she felt the cock in her own ass growing suddenly, pushing deeper into her intestines than before, “Ahh, mistress, what... gahhh...” Minako began to ask, but stopped when she felt something sliding up her throat, effectively gagging her as she opened her mouth to allow a long thick cock to push out from within. The blonde let out a gurgling groan of pleasure as she came like never before as her body was totally impaled by one long cock.

            Standing next to the moaning girls, the youma laughed and traced her fingers over Minako’s stomach, following the curving lines of distended skin as her mass wormed its way up through Minako’s digestive tract to her stomach and up through her esophagus to come out her mouth. She had to be careful not to damage any vital systems within the blonde, but was more that pleased with the result as Minako began pushing the cock that had come out of her mouth in and out of Usagi’s pussy, sending the horrified blonde into deeper throes of ecstasy. Already she could feel the last bits of her will beginning to fade as another four hours passed.

            Late into the night found Usagi and Minako on all fours with their butts against one anothers as she humped themselves against a massive double ended dildo formed from their mistress’ own mass. Both girls moaned in utter please and looked down at the distentions in their stomachs that marked the location of the cocks within their asses and pussies. Both girls were covered from the neck down in a mass of pink slime that groped and massaged every inch of their young nubile bodies.

            “There, isn’t that better my little bunny slut? Doesn’t it feel better not to fight and just, let yourself go?” the youma asked Usagi.

            “Unnnn.... so gooooood.... cumming so hard..... More.. Please, don’t... don’t ever stop.... ahhh...” Usagi groaned as she lowered her face down and accepted a cock that formed out of the goo on the floor into her mouth and began happily sucking on the bubblegum tasting rod. “Mmmmm, bunny slut feels so good.....” Usagi moaned as the last of her will faded away like a morning mist.

~To be continued~

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