Sweet Surrender 3

By True Sailor Io

(Authors Note: This fanfic contains graphic descriptions of sex and rape, do not read if offended by such. For my more avid readers, this is a short series, no serious plot in this, just sex.)

            In a medium Suburban house in the Juuban District of Tokyo, the girls once known as Minako Aino and Usagi Tsukino both panted and moaned in ecstasy and lust as their bodies were penetrated over and over again by the slime youma that covered the floor, walls, and ceiling of the living room. Usagi groaned and moaned like a whore as she hung from the ceiling, suspended by ropes of pink slime that merged with the pink goo that covered her entire body from the neck down.

            Directly beneath her, Minako cried out in ecstasy as she came again, her pussy gushing its juices into the slime that covered her crotch and anus where they were greedily absorbed. The slime then pushed more of its mass into her, causing one of the already large lumps tenting up in her belly to grow even more. The blonde haired girl moaned louder and gyrated her hips against the slime, loving the penetration.

            “Ahhh, more mistress, Slut wants more, please!!!!” Minako begged as she rubbed her hands over the lumps in her stomach, feeling the twin cocks in her ass and pussy. “Please, Slut wants it in her mouth!!!!” she moaned while looking up at Usagi who hung over her. The other blonde then began to descend, the ropes of slime stretching down until they were only within a few feet of one another.

            Usagi then began to groan louder as the slime cock in her ass began to push in deeper, going up through her intestines and forming a snaking lump in her stomach along with the already large one from the goo in her pussy. The blonde panted and moaned again, “Ahh, Bunny Slut cumming!!!” she groaned before she began to gag softly as a lump rose in her throat. She then opened her mouth wide in a silent cry of ecstasy as the slime cock that was feeding through her ass emerged from her mouth, the gelatinous appendage having wormed its way through her innards and exited out her mouth. The moaning girl gurgled around the long phallus as it oozed out her mouth and pressed its purple head against Minako’s lips.

            Panting, Minako opened her mouth wide and began sucking on the bubblegum flavored tentacle hungrily. Part of the blondes remaining mind remembered when her mistress had done this very same thing to her several days ago. That same part then wondered just how many days it had been since she’d sworn all of her holes to this youma, two, three, more? She couldn’t remember eating once since becoming Slut, or sleeping, or even going to the bathroom, all she knew was cum, fuck, cum, fuck, that cycle over and over again. And she didn’t care, she was happy this way, all she needed was her mistress fuck, that and nothing more.

            As if sensing the questions in what remained of Minako’s mind, the youma began to form it’s humanoid self up from a section of the goo that covered the floor. “Does it feel good Slut?” she asked with a laugh as she lifted Usagi away, pulling the cock from her mouth and leaving her suspended over her, the tentacle still protruding from her mouth, dangling there, waiting.

            “Ahhh, yes, Slut feels so good Mistress, please fuck Slut more, Slut wants more in her mouth!!!” Minako whined.

            The youma laughed and lowered Usagi back down, forcing the tentacle back into the blondes mouth and watching as she sucked it like her life depended on it. Which in a way it did now, for the last four days, she had been nourishing and sustaining their young bodies, now, they had become completely addicted to her and the pleasure she provided. Another couple days of this, and they wouldn’t be able to live without her. The youma laughed darkly as she knelt down next to Minako and began licking her bright pink nipples with her purple tongue, delighting in how she bucked and squirmed while still sucking on the slime cock that emerged from Usagi’s mouth in a perverse french kiss.

            She then lowered Usagi on top of Minako entirely, severing the strands of slime that held her to the ceiling with a wet snap. The two girls fell onto each other with a low moan as their tits mashed together. The two of them then locked their lips together, the tentacle cock still connecting them as they rubbed against one another wantonly. Grinning, the youma began spanking Usagi’s ass repeatedly, loving the way she squealed like a pig around the tentacle she had sticking through her body.

            “Mmm, such a lovely sight, my two sluts rubbing against each other like a couple of lesbians while I fuck them.” she said as she began pulling back the tentacle from Usagi’s ass. She then watched as the tentacle pulled back into Usagi’s mouth and down her throat. The blonde girl continued kissing Minako though, her tongue replacing the tentacle as she explored the inside of the other blondes mouth.

            Smiling, the youma then melted her human form over the humping blondes, driving more of her mass into their lower holes while she began kneading and caressing every inch of their naked flesh that she covered. “Hahh, so good....” Usagi moaned as she slid off of Minako and inched her way down to lower her head between the blondes legs, moving as the mass covering her body urged her to. The blonde then watched as the mass around Minako’s pussy pulled away, most of it moving into her ass and making her stomach tent up even higher. “Bunny Slut like pussy...” Usagi whimpered before she began licking Minako’s cunt ravenously.

            Minako moaned again and spread her legs wide before placing her hands on the two buns in Usagi’s slime soaked hair and pulling her hard against her crotch, “Ahhh, yes, lick Sluts pussy harder, ahhh, Mistress, Slut is cumming again!!!!!” she screamed as her juices gushed forth again, soaking Usagi’s face and quickly being absorbed by the wisps of slime that framed it. The blonde took no notice of it however as she continued eating out Minako’s cunt.

            The youma then formed her humanoid self again and moved to sit on the couch, watching the lesbian show in front of her while she continued pounding her mass in and out of them. Only three more, she thought, I only need three more to provide me with their juices before I can begin impregnating them. She then looked over to a pair of ovoid eggs that sat on top of the television. Inside them, the sleeping formed of Luna and Artemis could be seen. She decided not to kill the two Lunar cats, but she would need to keep them out of the way until all of the Senshi were permanently addicted to her as her willing slaves. Watching Usagi eat out Minako’s cunt, the youma formulated a plan to take their male ally Mamoru as well, but that would have to wait until he returned from America in a few days for his College Break. By then she planned to have at least two more Sluts in her collection.

            The slime creature then stood again and reached out with tentacles from her mass of the wall to grab Usagi and tie her up to the goo covered section of the room. She then moved over to stand in front of Minako, watching as the blonde began to whimper and cry from the absence of a cock or tongue in her pussy.

            “Waaahhhh, Mistress, please, fill Sluts pussy again, Slut needs you in her tight cunt, please!!!” Minako begged as she crawled onto her knees and pleaded in front of the youma.

            “Even with such a huge cock stretching your ass wide, you still want more?” the youma asked with a knowing smile. Even now, her mass filling Minako’s ass, stretching the hole wide enough for someone to easily slide both fists into and still have room left, a fact accentuated by the massive phallic shaped lump in the blondes stomach. She then looked over to Usagi, who against the wall, had both her holes filled as well as her mouth as the youma moved some of her mass up to cover her mouth like a scarf before forcing the bubblegum tasting goo past her lips.

            “Ohhh, yes, Slut want more, Slut NEED more, Slut cannot live without her Mistress filling all of the holes Slut has sworn to her!!!” Minako begged as she got down on her hands and knees, prostrating herself to the youma.

            “How right you will be soon enough,” the youma said as she knelt down on the floor then sat back and spread her legs wide. She then shaped her gelatinous mass into the form of a pussy between her parted legs. “First, I’m going to become your new mommy Slut, then I will give you the cock you want so badly.” she told her before beckoning the blonde over. Minako crawled on her hands and knees, panting with need now and drooling in anticipation of slime fucking her mouth and cunt. “Crawl into my pussy and curl up inside me like good baby...” the youma commanded.

            Minako blinked in confusion at first, then looked down between her Mistress’ legs and saw how perfectly formed her pussy had become. Licking the drool from her lips, the blonde cautiously approached closer, probing with her fingers at the slimy cunt. Unlike the goo that covered her body, the slime that made up Mistresses main body was more solid, and only yielded so much to her touch instead of allowing her fingers to dip into it. She caught on quickly and began to slid her hand into Mistresses cunt, followed by most of her arm. The youma moaned in pleasure and watched as Minako sat up and moved to push her foot, then leg up inside her, followed quickly by her other leg. She then moaned louder as she watched Minako push her entire rounded ass into her massively stretched pussy. The blonde was moaning now as she slid in up to below her breasts and began to tuck her knees in under her. Already the youma’s humanoid belly was stretched out far wider than either of her slaves as it held Minako’s naked body.

            Minako had slipped both her arms into her mistresses pussy before she began to wiggle the rest of herself in, plopping her tits under the lips of the youma pussy before moaning, “Ah, Mommy, Slut’s going inside your warm womb!” She then pulled her head under, sliding entirely inside the youma and vanishing from sight inside the opaque slime. Her long hair was the last thing to slide up into the youma, sliding up into her pussy like so much golden spaghetti before the slime creature moaned and leaned back, her belly now enormous as it held Minako inside.

            As she hung on the wall, Usagi moaned and panted as she felt the slime cocks continue to fuck her relentlessly even as her mistress unbirthed Minako. Although the slime was solid in color, the other blonde could see Minako’s body outlined in the belly their mistress. She then watched as Minako’s pink face in the outline began to cry out in silent ecstasy as her mouth and pussy were filled once again. The youma then turned her solid green eyes up to Usagi and smiled, “You’re next Bunny Slut.” she told her. “After that, we’ll go find another one of your friends.”

            Usagi only nodded and screamed in ecstasy as another orgasm rocked her body.


            Sailor Pluto stood amidst the endlessly swirling mists that surrounded the Gates Of Time, as she had since the day she was appointed Guardian of Time. Her duty was to prevent anyone unworthy from passing through these doors, though there were a multitude of other ways to travel through time. It was moments like this, when she had these thoughts, that she had doubts about the importance of her task.

            The green haired woman looked up as she felt a disturbance in the mists, a shifting in the eddies and currents as someone stepped onto these hallowed grounds. She instantly assumed a defensive posture, her Keystaff at the ready.

            “I am the Guardian of time, only the worthy may set foot here...” she began to say as she looked out in the direction of the disturbance in the air. She could make out the beginnings of a humanoid silhouette and stood her ground, waiting to see who had trespassed before attacking. Her encounter with the young Sailor Moon a couple years ago had taught her to look before she attacked, lest she injure an ally coming to seek her aide.

            As the outline in the mists became more clear, Pluto saw the distinctive shape of Usagi’s Odango hairstyle and lowered her guard. She then dropped to one knee out of respect as the blonde drew nearer.

            “My lady, how may I be of help to you?” she asked, her head lowered.

            “Setsuna... pretty...” Usagi voice said with a strange giggle.

            “Big boobies...” she then heard Minako’s voice saying.

            The green haired woman looked up and gasped in shock as she saw both blondes standing naked in front of her, their bodies covered by a strange pink slime that oozed and undulated as if it were alive. But the greatest shock was the pair of twin bumps in their stomachs and the way their pussies were both gaping open as the smile flowed in and out of them, it was fucking them! The goop also surrounded the ground on which they walked, and before her crimson colored eyes, a humanoid form began to rise up out of the slime. It looked female in appearance, with long wing like flaps coming off the sides of its head in place of hair. A pair of solid green eyes stared lecherously at Pluto as she began to rise up, gripping her staff angrily and summoning her energies.

            Before the green haired senshi could begin to intone her attack or even blink, several tendril shot out from the ooze on the ground, whipping around her arms and legs and lifting her off the ground with surprising strength. She lost her grip on her staff and heard it clattering to the floor as both Usagi and Minako fell to their knees and began panting and moaning.

            “Ahhh, so good, Slut is cumming so much!!!” Minako moaned.

            “Feels so nice, Bunny Slut is cumming too!!!” Usagi panted. The two of them then looked up at Pluto as she was suspended off the ground, struggling against her bonds.

            “Setsuna become slut too!” they said in unison.

            That got the green haired woman struggling even harder as the blondes began to crawl up to her, the slime youma walking between them and petting the tops of their heads like an owner would her pets. “Mmm, such a ripened, mature womanly body. I can hardly wait to taste you.” the youma said with a grin as she reached her arms out and grasped the womans large breasts.

            Pluto struggled again, trying to reach her hand for her staff that still lay silently on the ground. The silvery weapon was well beyond her reach and she knew it, but she couldn’t just sit and do nothing even as Usagi and Minako got up on their knees and began stripping her out of her fuku.

            “No fight ‘Tsuna...” Usagi said in a slurred voice as she humped her hips against the air in time with the rise and fall of the twin lumps in her stomach.

            “So good when not fight...” Minako added as she pulled a hidden zipper in the back of Pluto’s fuku down, exposing her naked back. The tendril of slime then shot up from the goo covering Minako’s tits and slithered underneath the Time Senshi’s fuku. The white, black, and brown garment then began to smoke as the youma altered her PH once again to melt the fabric away as she began to coat the womans skin underneath. Sailor Pluto squirmed and thrashed as much as her bonds would allow, feeling sickened by the sensation of the warm slime covering her naked skin beneath her uniform.

            Usagi meanwhile panted and whimpered in pleasure as she pulled away the remaining strips of cloth that still covered Pluto before dipping her head between the womans legs and beginning to lick her bare pussy. The green haired woman moaned softly as she felt Usagi’s tongue sliding between the folds of her neatly trimmed pussy. The blonde then groaned loudly as a snaking lump crawled over her belly and she opened her mouth wide to allow the phallic tentacle to emerge as her mistress fucked her straight through her body once again. The groaning blonde then pushed the cock that had emerged from her throat into Sailor Plutos pussy.

            “Usagi, no!!!” Pluto howled as she arched her back, moaning in pleasure as the slime cock pushed up into her and began to grow, becoming thicker and longer as it rubbed against her most sensitive areas.

            Meanwhile, Minako began rubbing her breasts against Pluto’s back as she reached around to begin fondling her breasts as well.

            “No, st.. stop...” Pluto moaned as her struggles began to lessen. The green haired woman panted softly as the cock inside her pussy undulated and grew, pushing deeper into her, dilating her cervix and entering her womb.

            “Ahh, more....!” Minako whined as she rubbed her slime covered tits against Pluto’s naked back, “Cum with us Setsuna, feels so very good....” she groaned as she felt the mass in her ass push in hard, making her cum again, her juices making a milky cloud in the slime around her pussy for a few seconds before they were quickly absorbed. The blonde haired girl then began to kiss and lick her way down the older womans body. She panted lustfully as she ran her tongue down the neat crack of her ass and began licking her tiny little asshole for several minutes before a cock emerged from her throat as well and forced its way up into the womans anus.

            “NOO!!!!” Sailor Pluto screamed before the slime covering her stripped away the rest of her clothes and moved to cover her face with a scarf like flap. She then gagged as another cock pushed past her lips and down her throat. Pluto closed her crimson eyes and gagged against the bubblegum tasting slime as the world around her began to whirl and shift. The sense of vertigo was a familiar one and Pluto knew she was being teleported to another place. When the world stopped spinning around her, she found herself still suspended off the floor in Minako’s house. Her eyes scanned around the room, and fell upon the twin eggs of slime that contained Luna and Artemis. A single tear slid down her cheek at the sight just as the first orgasm rocked her body.

            “Mmmm, doesn’t it feel good my lovely whore?” the youma asked as she moved around to hover over the green haired woman on a column of her mass while she spread all over the room again. “Just, let yourself go...” she whispered before leaning down to kiss the goo that covered Pluto’s mouth, her face merging with the slime as she turned the oral rape into a deep cock tongued kiss.

            Why does it feel so good? Pluto thought as she stopped struggling, her body too tired to continue.


            “Yes...” Sailor Pluto panted, “I swear, I swear all my holes to you mistress, I am yours, body and soul!” she cried out as she reached behind her to spread the lips of her empty pussy, “I swear it, please fill me again, make me your fuck whore!!!!” she pleasured as her body began to shimmer a deep green while the sign on Pluto glowed a brilliant indigo color on her forehead for several seconds before it shattered and the glow left her body.

            “Mmm, all mine now, come and receive your ultimate pleasure, Whore.” the youma said, giving Setsuna her new name as her mass enveloped the green haired womans naked body and instantly forced herself deep into her pussy, ass, mouth, and even her urethra, making her groan in ecstasy as her body instantly began cumming again and again.

            “Ahh, Whore cumming, so good.....” Setsuna moaned before she began sucking hard on the cock in her mouth, loving its taste as she wondered why she had resisted at all, it was all so good. She then looked over to Usagi and Minako, watching as the two blondes rubbed their slime covered bodies against one another as they both moaned with her while their bodies were fucked just as relentlessly.

            “Such a lovely sight....” the youma said as she melted her humanoid shape into the rest of her mass and focused on filling her three pets and looked forward to obtaining the rest of them.

~To be continued~

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